Social Events

Sunday evening, June 3, 2012: Welcome reception in the exhibitor area

A welcome reception will be held on Sunday night, June 3, 2012 in the Exhibitor Area of the conference meeting space (Sapphire Ballroom) from 6 pm to 8 pm. Wine, beer, soft drinks, and water will be provided along with heavy hors d'oeuvres.

Monday evening, June 4, 2012: Night Out on USS Midway

The conference will hold it's traditional Night Out event on Monday evening, June 4, 2012. Shuttle busses will transfer attendees from the Hilton Bayfront Hotel to the USS Midway Museum. This event will run from 7 pm to 10 pm and will also feature wine, beer, soft drinks, water in addition to heavy hors d-oeuvres and desserts.

The USS Midway Museum is San Diego's newest and most popular visitor attraction. This historic naval aircraft carrier was the longest serving Naval aircraft carrier of the 20th century and is a once in a lifetime experience where visitors can enjoy over 60 exhibits, 27 restored aircraft, optional flight simulators, videos, and climb-aboard aircraft. Exhibits range from the crew's sleeping quarters to a massive galley, engine room, the ship's jail, officer's country, post office, machine shops, and pilot's ready rooms, as well as primary flight control and the bridge high in the island above the flight deck. Especially popular are the museum docents you'll meet throughout the ship. Each is eager to share a personal story, anecdote, or amazing statistic to add to your enjoyment.

Some tips for enjoying the Night Out event:

- Buses will leave for the USS Midway beginning at 6:15pm from the Hotel entrance on the very bottom floor (Level 1 one floor down from the lobby)
- Wear comfortable clothes (Jeans/slacks)
- Wear tennis shoes or flats (Women are discouraged from wearing heels)
- There can be a lot of walking/stairs depending upon how much of the ship you want to see
- Bring a light weight jacket or sweater as the Flight Deck is open to the elements and it can cool down after sunset
- Elevators are available, both from the shore to the Hangar Deck and from the Hangar Deck to the Flight Deck (if you need to use one instead of the stairs, please ask for directions)
- Main food will be located at stations on the Flight Deck
- Desserts will be located at stations on the Hangar Deck
- Simulators are available on the Hangar Deck
- Docents will be available for tours
- Tours typically involve relatively steep stairways
- The "Command at Sea" tour will take attendees through the island to experience firsthand what it was like to command a 75,000-ton aircraft carrier with a crew of 5,000 men. Guided access will be provided in the island to primary flight control, chart room, captain's at-sea cabin, and the bridge.
- The "Power at Sea" tour will descend deep inside Midway to the brig and engineering, where the raw power was generated to operate the Midway.
- Buses will return to the Hilton Hotel every 15 minutes
- Enjoy the evening!


Tuesday evening, June 5, 2012: Reception and conference banquet

Tuesday evening's social event will begin with a reception held from 6:30 to 7:30 PM in the Exhibitor Area of the conference meeting space (Sapphire Ballroom CDGH). Wine, beer, soft drinks, and water will be provided. At 7:30 pm, the banquet dinner and presentation will begin in the Sapphire Ballroom KLOP (the same space as the Plenary and Oral Session rooms). Following dinner will be the conference awards ceremony and presentations that are expected to last until approximately 10 PM.