Technical Program

The Technical Program will be defined in March, 2012 and posted here. Please continue to visit this website and download the updated program as modifications are made due to withdrawals of papers, etc.


A copy of the Book of Abstracts for the conference is also posted here for attendees to review in advance of the conference.


Plenary Speakers:

Monday, June 4, 2012
"High Voltage, Biofuels, and Co-Products Taking High Voltage to the (Farm) Field"
Dr. Robert Hebner
University of Texas

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
"PLS-II as the Leading Korean Accelerator Project and its Role for Mega-Science Accelerator Projects in Korea"
Dr. Sang Hoon Nam
Pohang Accelerator Laboratory

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
"The Evolution of Pulsed Modulators from the Marx Generator to the Solid State Marx Modulator and Beyond"
Mr. Richard Cassel
Stangenes Industries, Inc.

Technical Program Committee

Juergen Kolb (Chair) INP Greifswald
Hidenori Akiyama Kumamoto University
Ray Allen Naval Research Laboratory
Matthew Aubuchon General Atomics
Stephen Bayne Texas Tech University
Ronny Brandenburg INP Greifswald
Larry Cagle Dean Technology
Steve Calico Lockheed Martin
Hao Chen Cymer Inc.
Yeong-Jer Chen Old Dominion University
Randy Cooper Cooper Consulting Services, Inc.
Greg Dale Los Alamos National Laboratory
Joerg Ehlbeck INP Greifswald
Wolfgang Frey Karlsruhe Inst. of Technology
Allen Garner General Electric
Marcel Gaudreau Diversified Technologies, Inc.
Mike Giesselmann Texas Tech University
Werner Hartmann Siemens AG
Frank Hegeler NRL/Commonwealth Technology
Brett Huhman Naval Research Laboratory
Marcus Iberler University of Frankfurt
Naz Islam University of Missouri
Joachim Jacoby University of Frankfurt
Chunqi Jiang University of Southern California
Weihua Jiang Nagaoka University of Technology
Ravindra Joshi Old Dominion University
Mark Kemp SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Hulya Kirkici Auburn University
Susumu Kono Ariake National College of Technology
Scott Kovaleski University of Missouri
Andras Kuthi University of Southern California
Markus Loeffler Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen
Jon Mayes Applied Physical Electronics, LC
Mike Mazarakis Sandia National Laboratory
Georg Michel Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics
Sang Hoon Nam Pohang Accelerator Laboratory
Andreas Neuber Texas Tech University
Bucur Novac Loughborough University
Steve Pronko General Atomics
Vladislav Rostov Institute of High Current Electronics Tomsk
Dan Schweickart Air Force Research Laboratory
Mark Sinclair AWE Aldermaston
Ivar Smith Loughborough University
Emil Spahn French-German Research Institute Saint-Louis (ISL)
Robert Stark Diehl BGT Defence
Claus Strowitzki MLase AG
Yaohong Sun Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Science
Enis Tuncer General Electric
Rene Vezinet CEA, DAM, Gramat
Adriaan Welleman Astrol Electronics AG
David Wetz University of Texas at Arlington
Shu Xiao Old Dominion University
Michael Yalandin Institute of Electrophysics Ekaterinburg
Chen-Guo Yao Chonqing University
Luigi Zeni Second University of Naples
Kai Zhou G&W Electric Co.