Job Placement Center

A "Job Posting Poster Board" will provide an opportunity to recruit from the participants of the 2012 IEEE International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference, as well as allow conference attendees to post their resume/CV. This service will be provided free of charge. Depending upon availability, a small conference room may be available for on-site interviews at 2012 IPMHVC. Interested parties are requested to check in with the registration staff to see if and when this might be available.

If you are interested in posting a job please email it to Ray Allen at with the details of the position. Those who may be looking to secure a position are recommended to bring several copies of your resume/CV to the conference (do not email CVs / resumes) to be placed in a binder located at the registration booth and handed out to potential employees at the time of the conference.

Job Postings

SELFRAG AG Project Leader Development and Innovation 2-15-12

Dow Corning Power Distribution Engineer 2-15-12

High Voltage Power Supply Design and Test Engineers 4-5-12

Pearson Electronics Senior Engineer 5-14-12