High Voltage Power Supplies

High Voltage Power Supplies Can Provide The Charging Power to a Load or Pulse Generator/Modulator in a Variety of Different Technologies Including the Following:

  • SCR Phase Control
  • Hard Tube Series Regulator
  • High Frequency Switching Power Supplies (Pulse Width Modulated, Series/Parallel Resonant, etc.)
  • Step-Start Circuits for Current Limiting

Ness Engineering Inc. Possesses a Wide Range of High Voltage Power Supply System Experience to Meet a Broad Set of User Requirements

Ness Engineering Inc. High Voltage Power Supply Experience Parameter Space

Ness Engineering Inc. High Voltage Power Supply Experience Parameter Space

High Voltage Power Supply Designs Begin with Your End Requirements:

  • Identify System Requirements, Constraints, and Priorities
  • Generate Optimization Criteria
  • List Possible Design Approaches and Concepts
  • Analyze Concept Performance Against Optimization Criteria
  • Review Analysis Results and Select Optimum Concepts

System Engineering Principles are Employed to Achieve Optimum Results

Ness Engineering Inc. Understands the Key Challenges Associated with High Voltage Power Supplies

  • Personnel and Hardware Safety
  • Technical Performance, for example:
    • Voltage Regulation, Etc.
    • Adjustment Range
    • Efficiency
  • Cost / Value
  • Thermal Management
  • Size / Weight
  • Lifetime / Reliability / On-line Availability

We Have Proven Experience and Expertise Associated with Each of These Technologies

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